Day In the Life Family Photography

A Case For Documentary Photographs

A good girlfriend of mine and I often use the classic, "old lady on her last day” theory to sift out the important from the nonsense.  We throw it out there to challenge ourselves to jump off of extra large rocks at the river, to get in the car and adventure to somewhere new, or often times to sit and just reflect on something we find perfectly worth savoring like a view (or beer) that could be sitting right in front of us.    You can do it too.  All you do is stop and ask yourself.. One day, when I'm alone and old in my bed looking back in my life.. will this be worth remembering?  And, before you know it, you may find yourself in a better and unexpected place.

Often times for me the catalyst is when I  playback my montage so far.  I imagine all of my favorite moments in a cheesy slow motion internal slideshow.  The earliest memories are surprisingly small:  my single mom cooking in our little kitchen with me by her side in a giant  Beefy T-Shirt, holding on to the comfort of the back of dad's skinny leg when he introduced me to a new work acquaintance, watching my brother chip action figures out of enormous self-made ice blocks in the driveway with a screwdriver when dropping them out of the window didn’t suffice, eating otter pops by the sheet while perched sitting on my skateboard every day of summer, and sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag.

If we re-imagine the purpose of a family photo session we begin to see the value of capturing just one day in the ordinary.   Through day in the life photo sessions I aim to capture some of these invaluable details whose importance are often underestimated.  There is a huge significance in what we take for granted as the daily insignificant. It’s the good stuff.  It’s the old person slideshow material.


Full Day Session $1000

For those who want the roll out of bed moments.  This is a 6 hour photography session where I tag along with your family for the day.  The full day session allows me to embed with you guys and get super comfortable with the kids.  Take me along to pick up your littles from school, have me there while you guys do dinner.  This package leaves open a lot of options.


  • The full day of session with me
  • 50 beautifully edited images
  • An 8x10 photo book of your selects or gallery wrap print for your home

The Half Day Session $550

This 4 hour photography session is just a scaled down version of the full day.  This package is a good fit for those who are curious about this style of photography and are looking to try something new.


  • The 4 hour session with me
  • 50 beautifully edited images
  • A Gallery Wrapped Print for your home