I’m in the business of making friends. 




I was put on this earth to do three things.  To make beautiful things, to connect to other souls, and to adventure into unknown experiences and places.  Wedding photography has called to me from a young age.  I have been shooting people’s weddings, elopements, births, and families since I was only nineteen years old. I also come from a background of film; working in the industry for close to ten years. I have done it all from producing documentaries to running art reviews  and research trips for feature length animated films.  The culmination of which has led me to photography full time.  There is nothing I love more!


Capturing moments is my favorite sport.  I am drawn to photograph in a way that shows people in their truest form of expression.  Movement, hearty laughs, and knowing glances are the things I hunt for.  I mix in a bit of lightly posed and directed portraiture with the weddings I shoot keeping it 70 percent candid.  I love to artfully arrange details.  The combination of these three types of photographs, I feel, truly combine to establish the story of a couple and captures the essence of a wedding day.


I call myself the photographer for adventurous souls because my couples all have a really wonderful quality.  They take life lightly, they chose the path less traveled, they seek family in their friends and don’t mind if a little dirt get’s on their wedding clothes on the dance floor.  

They are celebrating togetherness.


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